Real Estate Buyers Shouldn’t Overlook These Items

Many real estate buyers understand they should consider a potential property according to its total square footage or number of rooms. However, according to the Home Buying Institute, some important items are sometimes overlooked. It’s important for buyers to analyze these details before committing to the purchase of property. Early identification of these issues can save money later:


Bathrooms are important, and tiny bathrooms may not suit the buyer’s preferences or needs. It’s important to think about storage space or whether a shower stall—without a tub–is enough.


A home without enough storage space can be a painful place to live. The kitchen should have enough cabinets to hold dishes and cookware. Each bedroom should have enough closet space. If the home doesn’t have enough storage space to start, the buyer should calculate the costs of purchasing storage furniture or containers, or the cost to renovate.

Light Switches, Outlets, Windows, and Doors

Each light switch, outlet, window, or door should be tested for proper function. Costs to repair or replace these items later can be costly.

Existing Damage

Check the floors and walls for signs of damage, including mold or mildew growth. Sink or faucet leaks can be symptoms of major plumbing problems. However, mold growth can indicate the presence of a serious health hazard that can take time and money to fix.


Even a licensed inspector can miss existing problems, so negotiating a home warranty with the seller is an important consideration for the buyer. If the seller doesn’t offer the warranty, it’s worth negotiating for one in the purchase offer. Most home warranties cost a few hundred dollars per twelve month contract period.

Bio: Real estate professional Kuba Jewgieniew writes on behalf of Realty ONE Group. As the founder and CEO, Jewgieniew is passionate about selling homes.

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