Mar 31, 2015

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What Makes the Cayman Islands Such an Attractive Place to Buy?



The Cayman Islands saw a surge of luxury property sales in 2014, a bump as large as 40% with a net value of properties in the $150 million range. Driving this surge is a large development of condominiums along Seven Mile Beach, and a renewed interest in the island from the economic recovery. Real estate in Grand Cayman represents a significant opportunity, and now is a good time to buy. Here are some of the reasons that real estate has remained an attractive prospect.

Many Options

One of the reasons the Cayman Islands remains so strong is because the market is not limited to Caribbean Vacation homes for sale. There are commercial properties and hotels for sale as well. The variety of investment opportunities attracts different buyers. Individuals seek out a vacation destination, while investor groups may look for business opportunities.

Competitive Amenities

Cayman is not the only island vacation destination, so it must remain competitive. Many cruise ships pass through the area bringing tourists from all walks of life. Grand Cayman is in the process of renovating its airport to meet the needs of new travelers. Crime rates are already quite low, and the island maintains a number of extremely clean and well-staffed resorts and diving spots that continue to bring tourist dollars, and new renters, into the area.

Final Thoughts

With a variety of investment opportunities, investing in the Cayman Islands is an excellent idea for your retirement fund and for the community.

Bio: The Dream Finders team, led by James Bovell, deals exclusively in luxury real estate on Grand Cayman. To find your dream home, contact Dream Finders today.

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Apr 18, 2015

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3 Steps to Get Started With Real Estate Investing

3 Steps to Get Started With Real Estate Investing

Given the lavish lifestyle that many real estate professionals enjoy, one might wonder whether you are cut out for the profession of real estate investing.

However, most people who took a chance to work in real estate investing starting with literally nothing believe that it is very possible.

Having said that, here are 3 simple steps to get started with real estate investing:

#1: Question whether real estate investing is for you

Ask yourself if real estate interests you. Instead of doing this because of the get-rich-quick schemes that you’ve seen, choose to be a real estate investor because you like it and for no other reason.

#2: Look for the worst property

For starters, look for the worst property that you can fix as soon as possible without spending too much money either. In most cases, this would be cosmetically distressed properties in middle-income markets. In other words, look for homes that need cleaning, painting and carpeting. This means that the property itself will require the minimal amount of work to restore it to normalcy and increase its value.

#3: Run the numbers carefully

Probably the smartest tip of all is to be able to calculate whether or not the property you do invest in has returns even before you spend a dime.

For example, you can make a list of the earnings vs. costs to own a property and if you find that the returns are positive, then this should be a simple deal to sign. Or else, it will be a good idea to think twice before investing.

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Apr 17, 2015

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4 Benefits to Running TV Ads to Find Real Estate Deals

4 Benefits to Running TV Ads to Find Real Estate Deals

There are a number of ways to find deals and one them includes running television ads. Of course, as with all methods, there are pros and cons in taking such an approach.

Having said that, here are 4 benefits to running TV ad so as to find real estate deals:

#1: Wider reach

For every dollar that you spend on a television advertisement, more people will see the ad compared to any other form of media. This is what makes TV ads excellent for creating brand awareness since someone can get in touch with your company even a year down the line just in case they find themselves in trouble.

#2: Increases Response Rate

If you run other types of ads, then a television ad along with these will stay on peoples’ minds, if necessary. For example, if someone sees a commercial and then gets a letter from your company in the mail, they are more likely to respond since your company has already been introduced to them.

#3: Generates a Good Number of Leads

Despite popular opinion, you can generate a good number of leads through TV commercials. From experience, people have received at least 26 or more leads in the first couple of months. Given that 1 out of 8 of leads are usually motivated sellers, a real estate professional can easily close more than one deal every month.

#4: Less Effort on Your Part

Probably, the best benefit of all is that you do not have to do any brainstorming or writing ads or even any of the simpler tasks that comes with advertising campaigns. All you have to do is write a check every month and they’ll do the rest.

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Mar 31, 2015

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Cayman Islands Condos: Affordable Property on a Beautiful Island Chain

cayman ilsands real estate2
Written by:
RE/MAX Cayman Islands

Summary: A condominium offers the chance to own land on the Cayman Islands at an affordable price.

The Cayman Islands are known for being a vacation destination, but there is a thriving financial sector too. Everyone who lives and works on the island needs a place to stay, but income levels put some properties out of reach for all but the highest paid residents. Yet there has also been a surge of sales on the island, despite the prevalence of luxury properties. One strong reason behind that improvement is the amount of condominium projects springing up around the island.

Attractive Living at an Affordable Price

Real estate on Cayman Islands is highly sought after, especially near the beaches. In 2014, sales of condominiums spiked significantly, especially in the under $1 million USD range. These sales were concentrated heavily in the Seven Mile Beach sector, suggesting that there are plenty of buyers who want beach front property.

Condos represent a good opportunity for individuals with less than $2 million. They offer the chance to own land on the Cayman Islands, and to be a full or part time resident. Sales also did not plunge at higher price points. Condos between $2 and $3 million still experienced an increase of almost double the sales from 2013.

Condo or Home?

It’s likely that both types of property will see an increase, but homes will always hold the higher value over time. A condo offers those who want vacation properties the chance to live a dream, a home offers a better vessel for retirement. Both can be attractive prospects to the proper buyer.

Bio: RE/MAX Cayman Islands specializes in Grand Cayman real estate, including commercial and residential properties.

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Mar 14, 2015

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How to Add Value to Your Cayman Islands Investment

How to Add Value to Your Cayman Islands Investment

Written by: REM Services

Summary: Learn why the Cayman Islands are a strong investment opportunity.

The ideal investment presents a good opportunity, requires low maintenance and has a decent return. This ideal is rare, but investors make their careers and their fortunes seeking out such a possibility. If you include the costs of property management in Cayman Islands as part your portfolio, you’ll find that investing in Grand Cayman is an excellent idea for your future.

Low Maintenance

Any real estate investor knows that the costs of ownership and upkeep can make or break a great investment. You can have an ideal location with a good property, but the taxes or upkeep costs can eat any potential returns. Cayman Island properties only require a stamp duty at time of sale, and Cayman property management companies handle all of the maintenance. They can even assist in staging a residence for rental.

Good Returns

Cayman Island properties don’t pay property taxes, and any income earned from renting a property arrives tax free. The government gets paid through its usage of stamp duties, which are fees that factor into certain transactions. The sale of real estate is one, and some long-term rental contracts can also trigger a stamp duty. Aside from these concerns, you’re free to keep what you earn from renting the property you own.

Plus, you get the freedom to set which times of the year are open for a visit from you or your family.

Final Thoughts

The Cayman Islands continue to grow thanks in part to investors buying up commercial and residential property for part or full-time rental status. Buying into Grand Cayman real estate can feel like investing in a community you’re helping to build.


Bio: REM Services offers Cayman commercial property management, and residential management services to home owners in the Cayman Islands.

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