Breaking Down Construction Law and the Role it Plays

Summary: Construction law encompasses a variety of different legal subsectors and is a valuable part of any construction business.

Construction law is one of the more underrated parts of the law. The primary reason being that many of these cases aren’t groundbreaking, headlining news stories. However, the good thing is that there are numerous practicing lawyers like Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting for example, that specialize in this subject, therefore allowing construction companies to utilize this when a claim arises.

How Do You Define Construction Law?

Construction law encompasses a number of legal issues that directly relates to the field of construction. Many of these legal issues fall under state, federal, or local laws.

On a federal level, certain cases can involve employments laws or safety regulations. Federal statutes may enforce requirements on worksites. On a state level, various additional regulations can be added on top of the existing deferral ones. For example, safety regulations and environmental rules may be applicable. On local levels, county and city ordinances can enforce a significant number of restrictions that can ultimately change the way a construction site operates, like certain zoning laws or noise rules.

The Pros of Hiring a Construction Consultant

One of the more glaring issues of construction law disputes surrounds finances. Construction projects are extremely expensive and can often costs millions of dollars. It’s not rare to see delays or projects that go over budget, therefore causing issues between numerous parties. This is where a construction claims consultant, a construction claims management group or an experienced construction attorney thrives.

When these issues tend to arise, construction companies and contractors have different legal options that they can pursue. By speaking with a construction specialist or attorney, parties can hire a representative that can handle issues such as contract breaches or liens.