Is the Front Door the Best Door to Replace?

When you’re thinking about selling your home, every improvement you make is crucial. It’s important to gauge the value of an add-on before you start work on it. The front door is one of the most obvious places to try and improve curb appeal for the home, but is it really worth the money you put into it?

The Entrance Factor

Research shows that the garage door is the most used door in the home, according to home owners who report using that over the front door. The front door is still important to greeting guests, but it’s not good for everyday use. The garage door appears to fill a more significant role in the day-to-day lives of home owners.

Replacing a Garage Door

The costs of replacing a front door are typically less than $1,000, but the pay off is hard to quantify. The costs of replacing a garage door and motor average under $2,000 and the payoff is more apparent. The garage door automatically gives the home an updated appearance, making it look newer and in some cases more attractive. Coupled with a front door, your guaranteed a dynamite experience.

Even upscaling to a more expensive model tends to have a higher payout for the consumer than a new wood door.

Choosing a Door

Choosing between the front door and garage door is not always obvious. A garage door that was replaced in the past five or ten years may not need replacing. Front doors that are splintered and worn may benefit greatly from updating. Front doors that are well-insulated also have the added benefit of energy savings. Those bills are on everyone’s minds, which is why double pane windows are such a strong selling point too.

It’s up to you as the seller. Both doors have the potential to impress the potential buyer from the moment they step up to your home.

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