Highlighting the Curb Appeal of a Door

Your front door is one of the best ways to add visual appeal to your home. Since a welcoming entrance may actually increase the home’s value because curb appeal is so important to the buyer, it’s important to think about what kind of statement your door makes. You can also add architectural details to the space around the door. The porch, front windows, entrance, and rails should add to the total harmonious impression of your front door.

Architectural Style

Start with a single door or double door that reflects the physical attributes of the house and neighborhood. Design books or websites that showcase various front door systems are good places to start. Of course, match the door to the style of your house: don’t select an enormous double door for a modern home in California that’s better suited to a colonial home in Virginia.


Look at your neighbor’s homes and see what inspiration strikes. Although you want the house to present as favorably as possible, it’s also important to consider the doors, materials, and color schemes in use throughout the neighborhood. For instance, a purple door or other unusual detail may make the home stand out, but some people might not like the color choice.

Interior – Exterior Perspective

Select a double door if your home is larger and has a formal entrance hall. Window panels at either side of a double door add a beautiful touch the double door. Make sure to balance the door and the interior of the entrance hallway. Balance the interior and exterior perspectives for greatest impact.

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