Door Accessories

A door is a fairly simple object with a very limited set of functions, but it plays an important role in the attractiveness of a home. Adding or replacing some of these accessories is key to extending the life of your door, and keeping it looking its best. The following list of accessories should be considered before you have your door professional installed.


A door jamb is the side of the frame that forms the opening of the door. There are typically two jambs in a door, and they prevent a door from opening in both directions. It’s also used to secure a door, and may house the locking mechanism for any deadbolt locks you might have installed. The word is French, coming from “jambe,” which means “leg.”


Another word for moulding is “accent,” but it’s not a simple piece attached to the door. Moulding is usually affixed to the frame of the door, and its purpose is to make the door look more attractive from the outside. Moulding might be stained to match the wood of the home’s interior, or may help add a color to the door to match with a secondary or tertiary color in the home. It’s purely aesthetic, but moulding adds a lot of value and is fairly simple to install.


Decorations adorning the outside of your door can give it a rustic look. Iron hinges, for example, can add style to the front door. Corner angles can modify the door to make it look sturdier, or give it the old-style look. Some homes add a knocker, which is very vintage but also stylish.

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