Day One Improvements to Consider Before Buying a Home


Many things circle through the mind of a potential first-time homebuyer. There is a lot of uncertainty that what one is buying will actually increase in value, and if it is the right fit overall for a growing family. It’s normal to look at a home with an idea of what is possible, but you have to be careful to ground yourself in reality. Renovation is expensive, so you’ll have to choose the day one improvements wisely.

Front Door

If the door is made of aluminum, and has a very plain style with faded paint, it’s a good idea to replace the door altogether. Wood doors tend to be expensive to replace as well, so it’s common for short sales to have a solid wood door in need of some tender loving or a full replacement.

Try unhinging the door and sanding it down with a medium grade sanding block. Use long, even strokes to get the wood finish smooth and wipe away the grain with a cloth.

Kitchen Fixtures

The kitchen is the primary gathering spot in the home, and one of the first places in need of improvement in most first-time homes. One of the easiest places to start improving your home is by swapping out your kitchen sink for a more modern fixture. The next place to look for improvement are the lighting fixtures in the home. Swapping out a few fixtures, especially above the breakfast nook, can completely change the look of the kitchen.

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