10 Hints for Getting the Best Price When Buying a House

Nowadays, one can observe a shift in the buyer-seller paradigm towards the advantage of the buyer, who is advised to make te full of it for achieving the best price when buying a house. Below one can find the hints to do so.

1)      Both buyers and sellers are advised to make „sane” offers depending on the actual value of the property in stake.

2)      Both buyers and sellers are advised to be up to date with the most recent prices on the market.

3)      If possible, buyers are advised to discover the motives the seller has in order to know the limits of negotiation.

4)      It is essential to look up whether any dues or obligations exist for the house (unless it is inclided in Multiple Listing Service).

5)      Perfect timing is needed for getting the best deal and experts sated that this is somewhere between 45 and 60 days after trying to sell unsuccesfully.

6)      It is advised to bargain only on houses in the best condition possible to save money on repairs and replacements.

7)      Buyers should try to negotiate adding the closing costs to the price of the house.

8)      Experts assert that it is acceptable for buyers to ask for basic appliances (kitchen, bathroom) or acquit beforehand the adherent homeowner taxes for one year.

9)      It is not recommended to request anything regarding craftsmanship.

10)   Buyers also should be able to make an overall judgement regarding the deal and make some concessions of their own.

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