Inexpensive Repairs You Can Do Yourself

When you’re shopping for a home, you are most likely buying what amounts to a used product. It’s crucial that you perform an inspection as part of your due diligence, and it’s probable that the inspection will uncover problems with the home. Some of these problems, like foundation or wiring, are expensive fixes. Others, like home air filters, are very simple to do yourself and will save hundreds on maintenance costs. With these tips, you’ll be able to dodge money guzzlers that are easy to repair by yourself. Even if you have minimal knowledge or confidence in home improvement.

Air Conditioner Filter

Replacing air conditioner filters is typically bundled with other services. A maintenance person might start by cleaning your unit, even dusting the coils, before touching the filter. All of this sounds like a great deal until you know how much work is actually involved. That bill will run you hundreds for what amounts to vacuuming the interior of your air conditioner, brushing debris away with a linen-free cloth and replacing the filter on your unit.

Most people are anxious to touch their HVAC unit, fearing they may goof something up. The filter easily slides in and out of place, and the coils should be visible as soon as you open the unit. You may need to remove a metal panel, but this is simple to do with a basic handheld screwdriver.

Kitchen Sink Installation

Your kitchen sink is about a $200-$300 job, not counting parts. For the cost of your sink, you can quickly change the unit out to something more modern an attractive. There are two bolts on both sides of the sink that need removing, and then you can insert the pieces into place. Diagrams with the sink will tell you how to position things like the weight at the bottom of the retractable hose.

The biggest challenge for this job is the position. You’ll be on your back with a piece of your counter jutting into you, no matter how you twist and turn. Still a small price to pay against the hundreds it would cost to have a professional do it.

Final Thoughts

Repairs aren’t terribly difficult to perform around the house, but you should always put safety first. Before you set to work on your sink, filter or anything else, make sure you have safety goggles in place and the proper tools on hand.

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