How to prepare our house for sale?

Staging your home to attract the best buyer will require some careful planning and an understanding of how to professionally spruce up your home. Here are a few tips on how to start getting your home ready for sale.

Detach – To be able to sell your home, it is important that you learn to detach yourself from your home. Start by making a mental decision to let go and list out the main reasons why you want to sell your home.

De-personalize – Pack away all your photographs and artifacts as this can distract buyers from investing in a home. Buyers should see the home for what it is and look at how they can bring in their style into the home.

De-clutter – Your home should be made clutter free so that it looks spacious, neat and clean.

Rearrange bedroom closets and storage cabinets – Most buyers will have a look into closets and cabinets. To ensure they see a tidy space, neaten and tidy these spaces up by removing unwanted items and boxing or shelving the rest.

Consider renting a temporary storage unit – Less furniture can make your home look a lot more inviting and spacious. Consider renting a storage unit and storing furniture that is not in use. Keep only the furniture that showcases the purpose of the room and leave plenty of room to move around the room.

Remove/Replace favorite items – Items that make a statement like a chandelier that you will not sell the home with, should be taken down. If it is not sold with the house, it is best that the buyer doesn’t see it.