How to Add Value to Your Cayman Islands Investment

Written by: REM Services

Summary: Learn why the Cayman Islands are a strong investment opportunity.

The ideal investment presents a good opportunity, requires low maintenance and has a decent return. This ideal is rare, but investors make their careers and their fortunes seeking out such a possibility. If you include the costs of property management in Cayman Islands as part your portfolio, you’ll find that investing in Grand Cayman is an excellent idea for your future.

Low Maintenance

Any real estate investor knows that the costs of ownership and upkeep can make or break a great investment. You can have an ideal location with a good property, but the taxes or upkeep costs can eat any potential returns. Cayman Island properties only require a stamp duty at time of sale, and Cayman property management companies handle all of the maintenance. They can even assist in staging a residence for rental.

Good Returns

Cayman Island properties don’t pay property taxes, and any income earned from renting a property arrives tax free. The government gets paid through its usage of stamp duties, which are fees that factor into certain transactions. The sale of real estate is one, and some long-term rental contracts can also trigger a stamp duty. Aside from these concerns, you’re free to keep what you earn from renting the property you own.

Plus, you get the freedom to set which times of the year are open for a visit from you or your family.

Final Thoughts

The Cayman Islands continue to grow thanks in part to investors buying up commercial and residential property for part or full-time rental status. Buying into Grand Cayman real estate can feel like investing in a community you’re helping to build.


Bio: REM Services offers Cayman commercial property management, and residential management services to home owners in the Cayman Islands.

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