3 Home Maintenance Time Bombs To Take Care Immediately

There are a number of home maintenance issues that owners tend to avoid either because it takes time, costs too much money or doesn’t seem all that urgent.

Yet there’s no doubt that some of these issues are really ticking time bombs. So, here are 3 of these time bombs that should be defused as soon as possible before it costs you:

#1: Roof

Most people don’t care about the roof until the time water begins to seep in. Unfortunately, by that time, it will be time to buy a new roof and which could easily cost you about eight to 10 thousand dollars. Just because you’ve installed a 20-year old shingle, that doesn’t mean it will last that long.

#2: Foundation

When cracks appear on bricks outside of the house, they tend to be ignored even if they tend to be at least half-an-inch or more. This actually signals a deeper problem with your home and in particular, with a moving foundation. If you manage to catch it early, you’d spend only a few thousand dollars but if you ignore it, you’ll be looking at a 20 to 50 thousand bill.

#3: Septic tanks

Septic tanks are installed for the purpose of liquefying solids which goes out into lines and is eliminated into the ground. However, over time the larger solids that go through these lines tend to be stopped and this causes a block which can back up right into your home. For this reason, it is a good idea to get your septic tank pumped every five years.

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