What Makes a Realtor Stand Out from the Crowd


Finding the right real estate agent is important for acquiring the right home that fits your preference and budget. Each realtor has their own unique approach and method that they use to close the deal. There are good realtors and there are over-the-top great realtors. But what separates these great realtors from the pack? Here are some ways that you can determine how qualified they really are.

If you judge a realtor based on the fact that their sales totals are substantially high, then you are looking through a very narrow scope. It’s easy to label a realtor as a great one just by looking at the figures. But can they match that high figure to the quality of service offered? You may see where this is going now.

When you inquire about a realtor, you’re going to want to know more information in regards to their experience and knowledge. Not just any ordinary experience, narrow the gap down to the exact neighborhoods that they know. If you’re looking for a house in the hills and you hire a realtor whom you thought was proficient but ends up having little knowledge of the area, then you’re going to run into more trouble than you imagined.

You need to know what types of homes that they sell and which areas they have the sold the most in. This indicates their level of knowledge of the area. It’s easy to look past the fact that some realtors sell homes in expensive areas which can raise their sales totals threefold. Furthermore you have realtors that close more deals but in lesser expensive areas. Does it mean that the realtor with the higher sales numbers is more qualified and knowledgeable than the other realtor? It doesn’t. This is why asking questions and inquiring about previous sales is vital when you begin your search.

One thing that makes an outstanding realtor stand out from the crowd is a thorough knowledge of their specialty area. This doesn’t mean where places are located and the basic prices of homes in the region. Realtors that have a firm grasp on the knowledge of their real estate laws and thorough knowledge on all of the neighborhoods in the surrounding areas. This includes the schools, roads, businesses, amenities, etc. A realtor that is honest to you is vital to you saving money and finding a perfect home. Ethics play a part as the homebuyer, or you, must be put first when it comes to your interests rather than a need for a sales commission. If you feel like you are being pushed to buy a house when you’re having second thoughts about it, your realtor could be looking to just close the deal and make a profit. This is a common occurrence also.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate company built to invest in the success of their people – not because of the profits but because they truly care. Speak with a representative today for more information