Things to consider before installing a new mailbox

Most people don’t take much notice of their mailbox. However, there will come a time when you will want to change or replace the existing mailbox. You might want to replace the old, crumbling mailbox or you might want something that matches the aesthetic of your home that has a bit more style. Regardless, before you consider replacing your mailbox there are some important factors you will need to consider:


Before you buy a new mailbox and have the installation crew begin the process, you will want to check with all your utilities for anything that you might disrupt by digging in the yard. You can contact your states call center, and they will contact the utilities and let them know that you are want to dig up your yard for a project. The utilities will then get in touch with you and let you know if there are any issues.


Even if you do not care about how your mailbox looks and just want to replace one that is falling apart, you should pick and choose your mailbox carefully. Remember that once you install a new mailbox, you will need to use and look at it for years. Make sure that you are comfortable with that prospect.


Pick the exact location of your mailbox only after you purchase the replacement. When you don’t think about the location, you risk a part of your mailbox extending onto the road. When it extends over the road, it is not only a violation; it is also dangerous.

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