The pros and cons of tenant screening services

instantbackgroundchecks1Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

If you are giving your property out on rent, it is advisable to screen potential tenants. However, some enlist the services of tenant verification services. Before you use these services, here are the pros and cons.

Simplicity – Using tenant screening services will save you the hassle and time involved in calling previous landlords, doing a landlord credit check, and hunting down public records. Since most of the screening services are online, landlords will just need to visit the website and enter the tenant’s information using their application.

Quick response times – Most of the screening services have quick response times. Which means that you can receive a background report and inform the tenant that you are willing to offer them your property on rent. Since good tenants are hard to find, securing a good tenant sooner would mean that they would be less likely to go elsewhere.

Accuracy – When screening a tenant by yourself, there may be a risk of making mistakes. Since screening services use computer software to compile a report, there are fewer risks of errors.

Cost – Most services charge per report and this can be costly if you have a number of tenants you want to verify.

Impersonal decisions – Since the report is impersonal, some landlords may reject good tenants. Therefore, it is best to use the reports as a guide to strengthen your decision.


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