How to spot signs of Flooding

househunterhqBuyers on the market for a new home should always look out for signs of water damage in homes. Home owners are not always forthcoming about flood damage, especially if the area is not known for floods and heavy rains. Here are a few ways to check for potential water damage from flooding:


Give the home a good inspection inside and out. This will give show you most issues which you can then address against possible causes.


Inspect the outside grade of the house. Flooding usually leaves a sudden drop off of the soil around a house. An uneven dropoff is potential sign of a flooding.

Water stains

Keep an eye out for water stains on the side or foundation of the house. Depending on the level of flooding, you might find damage lower to the ground or even several feet up.

Soft drywall

Inside the house, check the walls for any signs of water damage. In some cases it will be obvious but keep a close eye out for some signs. Crumbling drywall or discolored baseboards for example could indicate water damage.

Hardwood floors

Stains on hardwood floors will be quite distinct. Especially if the water has been sitting on the servers or under the boards for sometime as it dried.

Floor Joists

One way of looking for hidden water damage is to get check the floor Joists. Most people who fix water damage will forget the joists. Go to the basement with a flashlight and check the floor joists. You will see dark stains if water leaked onto them and some would even bow with long term water exposure.