3 Reasons why full-time Real Estate Investing is Overrated

It’s the American Dream, isn’t it? To retire early. To achieve financial independence. And what better way to do it as an investor in real estate as opposed to working in a full-time job. Regardless of how people view full-time real estate investing through rose-tinted lens, the truth is completely different. So, here are 3 reasons why full-time real estate investing is overrated:

#1: Real Estate Investing is a business – and a stressful one too
While there’s a possibility that one can retire early with the profits you make from running a real estate business, the truth is that running a business such as this one requires a lot of your time and energy. As for working full-time in a job, the number of obligations, risks and responsibilities pale in comparison to going into real estate investing full-time.

#2: No Job Benefits
If you do decide to dive into real estate investing full-time, remember that the perks and benefits that come with a job are not available. The only thing that works is cold hard cash, and you’ll need plenty of it especially if you need to take care of a wife and kids.
It can be a little stressful especially if everyone around you are paying a few hundred dollars when faced with a medical emergency as opposed to a few thousands.

#3: Real Estate Investing Requires a Lot of Cash
No matter how you look at real estate investing being a lucrative business, the truth is that you do need a lot of money to invest. No matter whether it is your money or someone else’s, the truth is that it has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, you’re going to run out of money, sooner or later – especially if you decide to dip into your private funds. And if you’re not one for unexpected surprises, then you have to think twice before you think about going into real estate investing full-time.

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