What kind of filling should you buy for your cushions?

24Written by The Foam Factory

Buying cushion filling can be confusing as there are many different varieties of foam and a number of different thicknesses. The ultimate goal of investing in new cushion filling is to own comfortable cushions that you can relax in. Here are a few areas to consider before investing in new cushion filling.

Feel – Some people prefer to sink down into their cushions, while others like more support and therefore would prefer a denser filling. It is best to understand what your preference is and what is most appropriate for your purpose. For example, you may want two different fillings, for a chair. You could look for a softer filling on the seat and a denser filling on the back.

Polyurethane foam – This type of foam, which is made using plastic is the cheapest type of foam compared to other options like natural latex, feathers, and cotton. To choose your foam, you should understand two components. One is the density or weight per cubic foot. The higher the number the more it weighs. The second measures the firmness of the foam, which is called the Indentation Force Deflection (IFD). The lower the IFD the softer the cushion.

Wrapping – After you have chosen your foam, you can choose to wrap the foam with something softer like polyester batting, cotton, wool batting or down/feathers. The wrapping will increase the price of your foam.

Remember that you should change your foam at least every 5 years and invest in foam filling is much cheaper than buying new cushions.


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