Top Complaints with Tenant Screening Services

When a landlord sifts through the many tenant screening services out there, they expect to find one that’s going to give them in-depth information that they’ll need in order to proceed with the approval process.

It’s important that you trust that specific company that you are using as some of them withhold information that could be of value to you. Here are some common issues that are seen when landlords utilize various tenant background checks services.

Trouble with Credit Scores

Back in 2009, individual landlords were deemed a high risk to mishandle consumer information which turned out to be a disaster when FICO scores were requested. Additionally, there were strict requirements that were set like onsite inspections as well as rigorous credentialing.

If a landlord doesn’t have a credit score that they can work with, they can also use credit related information such as bankruptcies, liens, and judgments as an indicator to how their credit score looks like.

Heavily-Weighed Tenant Screening

By weighing so heavily on the screening process, many tenants will look for the easy way out by skipping half the questionnaire that you provide to them in order for an easier screening process where they deal with lesser legalities and fewer papers to sign. It may come off as intimidating when you weigh their acceptance on these screening reports. Because these checks are already an invasion of someone’s personal privacy, the large stack of papers that they’re going to have to sign after is only going to turn them away.

No Eviction Reports

Many tenant screening services do not run eviction reports, which are extremely important. It cannot be stressed enough at how important your tenant avoids eviction. The time and money involved with dealing with an eviction is just not worth it. Run an eviction report to get an idea if someone has been evicted in their prior residence. Common belief is that when an individual gets evicted once, there are more to follow. Save your rental property from headaches and hassles. It’s always important to remain prepared when you’re dealing with rows and rows of tenants. Your duty as a landlord should be choosing the type of people that you would want be around. Building a community where everybody gets along perfectly is impossible, but the next best things that you can do, is to make the process easier for everyone.
Tenant Screening Services, LLC knows that you need quick, reliable information to make leasing decisions. They strive to meet that need by providing current, comprehensive records. If you’re in need of a landlord credit check, visit them online and speak with a representative today.