Screening good renters from the bad

Summary: Screen the good renters from the bad and save time by asking at least the following questions: Why are they moving? When do they want to move? And how much is their total monthly income?

When you put up a property for rent, the first point of contact will be a phone call. During that call, it is good to have a set of questions that will help you separate the potential good tenants from the bad. Screening your potential tenant this way will save a lot of time since you won’t have to show the property to everyone. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

Q1: Why are you moving house?

The most important question is why someone is moving. Reasons such as eviction, problems with the landlord, and issues with the neighbors are all red flags. Any hesitation to mention why is not a good sign either. Changing jobs, needing more space, a growing family are all good reasons.

Q2: When will they move?

You will learn how impulsive or responsible the tenant is from this question. Most rentals require at least a months’ notice. Needing to move quickly could be as simple as not being able to locate a place or problems at the existing property.

Q3: What is their monthly income?

Some potential tenants will not answer this question, but it is important because it determines if they can easily afford the rental. A good rule of thumb is to give the rental to someone whose monthly income is at least two and a half times the rent.

Avoid accusations of discrimination by asking and keeping a record of all answers from all callers.

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