Important things to consider when choosing mattress toppers

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

The first point of confusion is the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad. Some use the terms interchangeably hence the confusion. Mattress pads serve a more utilitarian purpose such as adding waterproofing or protection to a mattress. Mattress topper use is more for comfort and softness. Although personal preference plays a major role in a selection, here are some key points to consider when choosing a mattress topper for your latex mattress Canada:

Price – Plain foam and cotton mattress toppers are the cheapest while memory foam bed toppers and those with wool are the most expensive. Look at your requirements and decide. Do not decide based on price as they can start at 30 dollars and finish at a thousand. In addition, a higher price does not always mean better.

Pain relief – For those suffering back pain and related ailments, choose memory foam and latex. These two together hold the body shape better and provide more support.

Comfort – The issue with comfort is that it is very much a personal preference. Certain foams and fabrics provide more comfort but choosing between them are up to the person. The two big choices are between memory foam and naturally soft materials.

Allergies – Allergy sufferers will have a smaller pool of choices from which to select. Most natural fibers will be out due to dust mites and other allergens. The primary criteria will be dust mites, anti-fungal and bed bugs.


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