How do you clean old and dusty cushions?

Written by Wicker Paradise

A good looking home is more than just about the furniture, the lighting, and the décor. Upkeep is the most important part of maintaining a beautiful home. When you walk into a house, if it looks great, the chances are that a lot of work goes into keeping it clean and fresh. The same goes for cushions. Keeping cushions clean will mean you can get a new set when a Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions sale is on, rather than replacing them immediately. Look after your cushions, and they will last years. Here are some tips on how to keep your cushions clean:

Beat them – Cushions hold dust particles along with air inside. Take the cushions outside and beat them with a stick until the dusty air stops. Leave it to air outside for a little while and bring them in. Do not beat them too hard, especially if they are older cushions. You can follow these processes for new cushions like Brown Jordan replacement cushions.

Vacuum – Alternatively, you could vacuum the cushions carefully. Use a milder suction speed if your vacuum cleaner supports it. This is the safest way getting the dust out without exposure. Anyone who suffers from allergies should use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Sun – Use the sun to dry out the cushions, remove bacteria and kill any mold. Do not leave the cushions in the sun too long as extended exposure will weaken the fibers. Old textile is more fragile so avoid the sun for older cushions.


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