Everything you need to know about patio cushions

There is an increase in the popularity of outdoor spaces in a home for rest. In fact, real estate agents use outdoor spaces as a unique feature when selling a home. However, a patio is nothing without a proper patio cushion set to brighten the entire area.

Before we look at standard best practices for cushions, there are some recommendations that are specific to certain items of outdoor furniture. Porch swings are a romantic addition to any home. Most stylists and interior experts recommend prints and bold colors. If you want the warm organic look, consider using an olive green. For gliders, look at using flower prints, geometric shape, strips, or simple solid colors.

Standard outdoor furniture will need cushions that conform to certain rules that govern cushion styling. Plan out everything before you buy and try and visualize how the entire space will look with your future setup. When it comes to color, use an existing color from the space or an accent. If you are brave enough to experiment with patterns, stick to the same size, color, and pattern across the entire area. Also, pay special attention to the placement of the cushions, as where you keep your cushions are just as important as the styling.

You can save on your cushions by following the guides on The Foam Factory website. You will find instructions on how to create custom cushions to fit practically any seating or bedding application, including lists of everything you will need.