6 Elements of an ideal house

There are elements that make for a perfect home. The six features described below will make living in a home enjoyable and comfortable.

Single level – The single level home is simple and is easy to maintain. You can easily clean, paint and handle repairs which will save the owner time and money. Plus, temperatures in a single level home are easier to regulate as there are no stairs and temperature differences between floors. It is also a safe place for older aging families as they don’t have to bother with taking the stairs.

Nine-foot ceiling – A nine-foot ceiling provides the right sense of space and comfort.

Southern exposure – South facing windows will provide free heat during the winter and a cool breeze in the summer. Windows facing the south will also provide more natural light that will enhance the mood of the occupants. You can also use your south side windows to grow plants or to add solar panels to lower your utility bills.

Outdoor living spaces – Being outdoors is healthy as it lowers stress. Living spaces that use the outdoors in the form of decking or patios is a good way to bring the outside indoors.

Maximize Insulation – A well-insulated home will not only make you feel comfortable, but it will also lower your energy requirements.

Separate master bedroom – Although everyone’s needs change over the years, a separate master bedroom gives everybody some much-needed peace and alone time.