3 Things to Keep in Mind So As to Avoid Losing a Sale

There are a number of reasons that might cost you the sale of a home. Regardless of the profit you’ve lost, ranging from 100 to thousands of dollars, the most important resource you will lose is time.

Keeping that in mind, here are 3 ways to avoid losing a sale:

#1: Over-selling

When you have a sale, it’s time to stop selling. There’s no need to reinforce the sale by being pushy. What this will lead to is the buyer telling you that they’ll get back to you when they make up their mind and which is something you should avoid at all costs. These words can be hard to deal with if you know you already got the sale.

#2: Educating the Buyer Needlessly

Educating the buyer might be a good idea especially if they can benefit from your vast knowledge. However, the worst time to do this is when you’re making the sale. The reason for this is all the knowledge that you’re trying to share in 15 minutes can confuse them. And confused people avoid making purchases.

#3: Not getting a Big Enough Deposit

No one likes to lose money. For this, ensure that you obtain a large deposit as this will require the other party to be committed. So, the first thing to do is the get as much money as possible from the deposit and ask for much soon. Even if they back out, you still have earned money from that time the house was off the market.

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