The First Steps when Renting Property

1Article by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Out of the many investment options when it comes to houses and property, buying and renting is one of the most popular. The process on paper is quite simple. Buy a house. Find a tenant and rent it out. You now have a source of monthly income. Sadly the reality is that this process can be fraught with problems. One of those is the creditworthiness of the tenant.

The landlord credit check is one of the most important steps take. When you have a several prospective tenants, first do a credit check on all and shortlist to those with the best credit scores. The tenants with the best credit scores are also the most likely to look after the property and have the least amount of damage. It is true that there are deposits taken in advance. However, some damage can exceed those levels. In that situation collecting more money to cover additional damage will be harder and less likely.

Another issue is the unauthorized use of the property for other activities. This is why tenant background checks are so important. A background check will allow you to get an idea of what you can expect from your tenant. Criminal activity in the recent past is just one example of something that might be a red flag.

The relationship between the landlord and the tenant can be a long term one. The best way to ensure that relationship goes smoothly is to ensure that you find tenants that you are comfortable with.


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