How Do I Increase My Home Value?

Competition among the real estate market can be stiff. As a homeowner that is looking to sell their property, you need the edge to be able to get the best prices.

Renovate to Maximize Your Value

A fresh coat of paint or a retiled floor can do wonders in raising value. Families coming in do not want to see chipped floor tiling or an aging paint job. If you take the time to stop by your local hardware store, you can find everything you need to take matters into your own hands. You can also hire a professional if you do not want to do the dirty work.

“A small investment can offer a large economic return,” says Dorcas Helfant of Coldwell Banker Professional, Realtors in Virginia Beach, Va. By investing in repairs before they are inspected, expect to save almost half the cost of what you will pay in the long run.

A home’s appearance is crucial when it comes to rubbing brokers the wrong way. The potential of your house lingering on the market and decreasing its’ value is a nightmare. Increase the chances of it being sold by investing in the proper renovations needed. For example, a $6000 investment in new flooring may make a $14000 difference in its selling price.

Get Rid of Odors

An underrated factor is the odor of your house. Being accustomed to most smells in your house, you will not be able to notice what it is like for outsiders coming in. Be sure to attack home odors immediately if you wish to show your house to prospective clients.

Many times odors can completely scare away your prospect as well as the initial value of your house. You might not consider this as important as the renovation aspect, but keep in mind that these factors will considerably improve your chances on the market.

Think About Your Client

Remember, if you are selling your house, it isn’t about you anymore. It’s about the families and the way they see their future there. Cater to the needs of what type of value people want when they purchase their house. Often times a house will sit on a market for a period of time. The owner will then look to make repairs to try and sell it. By doing this you are sacrificing a position on the market by having to reposition along with a possible price reduction.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a leader in real-estate. Kuba and his team are dedicated in providing first-class real-estate services to the public. Visit Kuba Jewgieniew at Realty ONE Group.