4 Tips for Surviving Condo Life

househunterhqLiving in a condo can be a wise decision for city dwellers. However, when you live in a condo you have to understand that you come in contact with a number of your residents. If you’re hunting to buy a condo, living or renting one, here are 4 tips for surviving condo life.

Be part of the management – Although being part of your condo association can be a time consuming job, there are many positives from being a member. Once you are an association member, you get a chance to protect your investment by being part of the decision making process. For example, you can ensure that the proper things are fixed, repaired and addressed.

Be nice to your residents – When you live in a condo, you will be living in very close quarters from your neighbours. By being polite and courteous, you will be able to get assistance when needed and built a community of friends that will make your stay an enjoyable one.

Take Care of the Manager and Maintenance Staff – Make sure you show your appreciation to the Manager at the office, to the cleaner that takes your trash or your condo plumber or gardener. It is better to be on the good side of everyone who is employed by the condo. This way if you need any help, they would go out of your way to help you.

Make Friends with the Postal Carrier, Fedex and UPS. – If you have the opportunity, make friends with your delivery team. This would mean you would get all your packages on time and right to your door.